Alyssa & Penelope

Pregnancy had always brought about difficulty in my life, and one of the few pieces of happiness was my anticipation of meeting my son and daughter. Early 2017 I found myself divorced, and a newly single mother with a one year old. Soon after that there was the discovery of my unexpected pregnancy, and I was already 5 months along. Luckily, I came across an office that offered midwifery services, which was perfect because I always wanted to have an at home birth. I met with Erica a few days later and immediately felt comfortable. Erica had taken time to go through the prenatal, labor, and post natal operations with me and let me hear my daughter for the first time. She gave me her contact information so that I could reach her at anytime, and always responded, unless she was at a birth. Erica even went as far as to help me find a birthing doula and a post partum doula, as I was by myself at the time. My appointments were 45-60 minutes, and we always reviewed my nutrition and vitamins, labs, as well as what materials I needed for my at home birth. There were many false alarms with my daughter, but Erica made me feel at ease and constantly followed up with me. At long last my water broke and it was show time. Erica made the experience very easy by bringing everyone together, even my squeamish ex-husband, and allowed my body to do what it was made for. I was extremely pleased with all the positivity that she brought into our lives during this birth. I will always recommend expecting mothers to Erica because of everything she does for her clients. Truly a diamond in the rough.

Alyssa & Penelope

Essie & Rylie

Essie & Rylie

I was lucky enough to meet Erica several years ago while I was photographing a birth for a client. I was in awe with how she tuned in to her client and supported her through every stage of labor. I left that evening knowing that when I was ready to have my 3rd, she was going to be by my side. About a year later, there we were! All of my prenatal care visits were so amazing. So different then a Dr. Office. Visits weren’t just about the babies vitals and how much weight I gained. She took her time, answered any questions, worked through any worries I had, as well as educating me on things I could do to make sure my body and mind were ready! Because of this, when that day arrived, I was confident! Erica arrived in the early hours of the morning, and instantly took action. She had so many calming techniques and position suggestions that helped me stay comfortable through my labor. She knew when I needed a soft touch, and when I needed a stronger support to get through the end. The birth of my sweet Rylie was perfection, and I couldn’t have done it without Erica and my amazing birth team! Erica has an amazing way of connecting with Mama's. She is confident in her skills, passionate about providing you with the best care. Thank you so much Erica for making my dream birth a reality. You are an amazing soul!

Sajada & Amaya

If you are looking for just the right midwife then look no further! Erica Delmore is fantastic from beginning to end! There were times that I felt all alone during my pregnancy, but Erica acted as a true sounding board and provided an enormous amount of wisdom that gave me the confidence I needed to make it through my pregnancy as a single woman. She maintains the focus on the health and well-being for both mom and baby. I like to refer to her as the "baby whisperer." LOL!

During the last week of my journey I grew a little concerned as I hadn't felt my baby move in a couple of days. Thanks to Erica's fast-acting response, the lives of myself and unborn child were saved by rushing us to the hospital. It turned out my blood pressure was through the roof. The medical staff were amazed that I didn't have a stroke. If it were not for Erica I don't think I would be a proud mother of a healthy happy 15 month old today!

Thanks for everything Erica! 😀

One of the perks of being a midwife!


Miranda & A.J.

I met with Erica and my boyfriend and  I instantly clicked with her. She addressed all of our concerns throughout my pregnancy. Never once did she disregard my feelings, especially on days where I wouldn’t feel my son move, she would meet me at the office, find his heartbeat and reassure me that everything was okay. During my birth she was so supportive and made me feel like a goddess! Unfortunately after long hours I transferred to a hospital and even then, she made sure that the doctors followed my birth plan. I’ve never met a midwife more professional and loving.  Erica is absolutely phenomenal!!

Antuanett & Cyrus

 Erica has been an essential part of my pregnancy and postpartum journey. Ever since we sat down together for the first time i felt understood and cared for. She respected and supported all of mine and my partner's decisions. i just love the fact that she is very honest and straight forward but with such tender touch, I had a good time during our prenatal visits. Before I got pregnant I knew that i wanted to have a home birth so I could create my own little birthing space, where there was no judgments, where I felt safe and comfortable one hundred percent and I knew the people involved needed to provide all of these for me and that is exactly what Erica did for me. She believed in me and supported me even more than some of my skeptical family members, cant thank her enough for all the encouragement and dedication she gave me. She deserves more recognition for the amazing work she does I can really tell she loves and enjoys it. Thanks to her, my birthing experience was everything I wanted. Dad, mom and baby felt loved and cared for.

Antuanett, Attis & Cyrus

Trisha & Violet

I first contacted Erica Delmore when I was about six weeks pregnant. I had just found out I was expecting. 

I was equal parts excited and terrified but I knew for quite some time that when the day came, I wanted to explore the option of having a home birth. 

I began my exploration of Las Vegas midwifery and found Erica's contact information. I called her without even knowing the difference between a midwife and a doula (cringe!) and this amazing woman spoke with me on the phone for nearly an hour! She instantly put my anxieties at ease, and I knew immediately that she would be a part of my birth team. 

Fast forward 8 months when my daughter was ready to make her grand appearance earth side- Erica was basically by my side from the time I needed her until the moment I held my baby girl in my arms. 

Words just cannot express the gratitude I feel when thinking of the many ways Erica helped me, both physically and emotionally, whilst climbing the biggest mountain of my life during the birth of my daughter. 

She has permanent residency in my heart and I will never truly be able to thank her enough. 

Brett, Trisha & Violet Mae

Olga, Emma & Josh


VBAC homebirth, a dream that came true with Erica’s help.
I am to this day forever grateful for a care and confidence my midwife Erica gave me.
I really wanted to have a successful home birth after a first Caesarian but I also needed a person I can trust and someone I believe can support me during my pregnancy and of course birth.
Erica was always there for me when I needed her. Literally any time of the day, every day. No doctor would ever give you that.
I asked her to do some extra blood tests on me, and she did it no problem. She saw me whenever I needed my baby checked because I had some worries and calmed me down and reassured me that everything was fine. And it was.
We had some financial delays and Erica was very kind and patient with us and waited longer to be paid. You know how much stress that can be.
Erica supported my lifestyle and health choices which was crucially important for me.
I chose Erica for this reason.
Erica also always spent a lot of time on our consultations and we still miss them. If we had a choice, we would keep seeing Erica because it was so great! Erica is so much fun!
During birth though, she’s super professional. She’s not doula and if you want support in labor, you need doula, husband, loved ones, because Erica is making sure you and your baby is doing ok and when it’s time to get the baby out, she’s on it and she’s there.
Erica had her wonderful assistant Cassie (I hope I remember the name correctly).
Plus Erica helped us to find doula. She was a student but her help and support was tremendous!
Out of 5 stars I give Erica and everyone who is working with her 5 stars.
I wish more women can experience what we have, such an empowering and magical birth. And hopefully Erica can be the one to help them.


Doula Testimonials

Alex Wells

For my third childbirth experience, my husband and I agreed to hire a doula. I immediately knew Erica was the doula for me. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring, exudes professionalism, and brought peace and calm to my husband and I. I had a 9 lb 6 oz baby girl who got a little stuck. I am 100% convinced that if Erica and my doctor and the nurse had not positioned me in a way that was able to maneuver my daughter, I would have had an emergency cesarean, which is what I really wanted to avoid, having two other daughters at home. Erica gave me such a positive birth experience, that if I found out I was pregnant again; I would immediately hire her and have her again. Erica is just absolutely amazing and a blessing to my family. 

Posted 11/9/2015


Shannan Luzansky

Erica is truly God sent. My husband did not understand why I wanted a doula, but went along with it because he knew it was important to me. However, my husband very quickly realized why a doula was so important. I think he actually reached out to her more than I did. Erica was always available to us for questions and never made us feel as though we were bugging her. When the time came for my little girl to be born she helped me stay focused and was extremely supportive. When I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, she helped push me through. I know I would have caved if it was not for her support. Although I had to have an emergency C-Section, which was my worst fear, she reassured me that it truly was the best decision and nothing that I could have prevented. I felt defeated, but Erica was able to help me see that it was not defeat, but a miracle that saved my child. All in all I feel like I could not have labored without Erica, and I know my husband feels the same way. My husband and I both know that for our next child we will definitely have Erica as our doula!

Posted 9/30/2014


Melanie Loverme

I had the best experience with Erica. She was an amazing coach before, during, and after my pregnancy. She answered all of my questions honestly and I really appreciated that. She never doubted me and what I wanted for a second. Erica made sure that I had the best doctor, I gave birth at the best hospital, and that I had everything that I wanted. She made sure that no one bothered me and she kept me comfortable. While I was going through my 10 hour labor, she would remind me how great I was doing (even though I felt and looked like crap). She kept me hydrated and sane. There were a couple times when I literally thought I was going to lose my mind and go crazy, but Erica made sure I stayed focused. I would never trade that experience for the world. Erica helped me deliver my beautiful baby boy and I will recommend Erica Delmore to anyone in need of support through their birth! 

Posted 6/26/2014


Loni Kappus

Erica was not only instrumental in helping create a positive birth atmosphere, but she was my lifeline to navigating a new city, midwife and hospital. I found out I was moving a month before my due date and after speaking with Erica on the phone all my stress and fears melted away. She knew I was looking for a natural hospital birth with a midwife and pointed me toward excellent resources for both. Her suggestions proved to be exactly what I was looking for. My labor both at home and at the hospital was everything I could have hoped for. Her coaching and support we're expert and also gave me complete faith in my abilities. When I wasn't sure I would be able to do it she was right there cheering me on and helping to find ways for me to be most successful. She was just great just great. 

Posted 5/30/2014


Courtney Wenleder

  I knew I wanted to use a doula for the birth of my first child as my husband was living overseas for the majority of my pregnancy and I wanted a support system nearby.  I found Erica through using Doula match.  The first time we spoke on the phone I knew she was the right fit for me. She was incredibly supportive and gave me a lot of information on the birthing process.  I appreciated her nonjudgmental approach as she did not try and influence us into a birth plan that we were not comfortable with.  She provided information and allowed us to decide on the birth experience we wanted.  She made herself available anytime I needed her.  She attended two prenatal visits with my doctor and met me several times outside of that as well as attending the birth, of course.  She also came by twice after our baby was born to make sure things were going well.  She made my pregnancy and birth a more enjoyable experience and I am grateful for that.  I would recommender her to anyone without exception.

Posted 1/29/2014


Tracy Crofford

Erica was our doula for the birth of my son on 2/12/13 and I have also hired her again for my current pregnancy, expected due date is 5/31/14.  Erica is a very warm and caring person and knows more about babies than anyone I've ever met, including our pediatrician and my OB/GYN.  My husband is not a very social man and he is picky about who he interacts with.  At first he was skeptical about hiring a doula because he didn't want his role in the birth to be downplayed.  After meeting Erica for the first time, he said, "I totally love her, let's do this!".  Not only did she make sure that I was comfortable, well taken care of and had all my questions answered, but during and after the birth she made us feel at ease and made sure my husband had something to eat because he looked like he was going to pass out.  She showed up at the hospital as soon as I told her I was being induced.  After a couple hours of nothing happening she left and said her usual, "If anything changes, call m".  Within a half hour I started having contractions so my husband called her and she was back within the hour.  She is very dependable and out of the hundreds of phone calls I've probably made to her, she has only not answered maybe 5-10 times because she's been at another birth.  It's never a bad time and never a stupid question with Erica. She is as involved as you want her to be and doesn't "take over".  Most importantly, she is an advocate for the mother, father and baby.  I had a nurse who was telling me to stop pushing but Erica whispered to me that I should do whatever I felt I needed to, and my son was going to be born no matter what I tried to do!  Our birth experience was very special with her and I am sure the next one will be too.  I didn't hesitate for even an instant to hire her again, it was pretty much a given!  I trust her completely.

Posted 11/11/2013


Hannah Fabiani

I really wanted my home birth and was hopeful my labor would cooperate, and Erica did everything she could to help that happen. We went for walks around the neighborhood; she had me walk up and down the stairs sideways, and coached me when to bounce on my birth ball. She reminded me to drink water and to eat something. But mostly it was just her experience, wisdom and love that helped me more than anything. I felt so grateful to have her there, I felt strong and empowered enough let go and let myself try to enjoy this life changing experience, I didn’t feel like I needed to worry because with her there I knew I was taken care of. She kept telling me what a great job I was doing and how amazing I was and what a rock star I was and even asked my husband if he agreed how beautiful I was in this state, which of course he agreed. Everything she said to me made me feel amazing and powerful and strong, and beautiful was an extra bonus I was not expecting. She was also great at helping my husband help me, I have the sweetest most caring and loving man in the world and he would do anything for me, but this was his first time too so it was nice for him to have some support as well. I still see Erica and whenever my son sees her, he lights up and smiles at her bigger than anyone else besides Mommy and Daddy, it is obvious to me how much he loves her and I think that is very special. I am so grateful that I found Erica Delmore to be my doula and help me have the most beautiful experience giving birth to my first son. I know in my heart that it’s because of her that I have such positive memories to cherish the most significant and profound experience of my life forever, and I wish every woman could have the same. Thank you Auntie Erica we love you!

Posted 4/1/2013


Desiree Dawn Kuhn

I was extremely nervous about my 2nd birth as my 1st childbirth was a 48hr natural home-birth which ended up in hospital transport with an epidural & forceps, needless to say this was not in my birth wish! I remember the pain of the contractions so vividly as they lasted for almost 2 full days and the exhaustion that came with it was an unbearable memory haunting me as I became pregnant once again. For months during my 2nd pregnancy I worked towards a natural, joyful & rewarding childbirth with exercises, diet, visualizations & relaxation techniques. The MAIN thing my husband and I easily decided was the importance of a Doula for my 2nd birth (as he was my "Doula" for my 1st and it was too difficult). Erica was there for me months before I gave birth (whatever the hour!), I kept her up-to-date with my doctor visits and she, in turn, gave me encouraging advice, wisdom & preparatory info for my upcoming labor & hospital stay. I had a few specific fears that we worked on, together, to melt those away and, with that, I felt 100% safe in her hands. Erica provided me the confidence, reassurance & ease I needed for my 2nd birth and I trusted her completely which glossed over my worries from my past birth experience. We labored at home for a few hours and Erica was by my side the entire time, verbally coaching me through each contraction & giving me massages when needed. My toddler was able to be with his daddy the entire time just feet away from us as we worked towards labor, quietly & calmly. This allowed me to be completely free of worry for my toddler (and likewise my husband was not worried about me) as Erica was present, taking care of me (and my husband taking care of our toddler). It was bliss and, honestly, I think I labored SO much quicker as I could focus 100% on managing the contractions.) Erica and I arrived at the hospital and I was 9cm dilated, she helped me with paperwork (yes, I had preregistered but there's always more complete & sign), getting undressed & putting on my hospital gown, maintaining communication with my family who was in the waiting room, etc etc etc. The baby was born less than an hour after we arrived and Erica was there, present for me, 100% of the time as her words of wisdom & calming reassurance got me through my most intense of contractions; she was by my side the entire time and we enjoyed a beautiful birth, I will always be grateful to her as I honestly could not have done it as well, as beautifully & as quickly without my Doula. If there is one thing you splurge on for your pregnancy I would recommend hiring a Doula and no one is better than Erica Delmore.

Posted 3/22/2013


Shemilly Briscoe

Ms. Erica Delmore will forever be held in my highest regard for her care during the birth of my second son. Her dedication to following my personal birth plan both enhanced my enjoyment of the birthing process and fulfilled all of my expectations. Erica maintained professionalism, but also provided a loving and understanding environment by answering all of my family’s questions (not just mine) and spending plenty of time with us before and after my son’s birth to ensure our comfort level with our new baby. Her attitude was superb and gave me the confidence that I needed to get through my labor as comfortably as possible without the use of any medications. She supported my decisions in every way and encouraged me to ask every question without feeling silly or overbearing. My family chose to do a hospital birth and Erica cooperated with hospital staff and my doctor while assuring me that all of my pre-birth decisions would be respected and observed. Erica is a terrific person, and I can’t say enough for her skill and ability. She genuinely loves her job, and I would recommend her services without reservation.

Posted 5/14/2012


Jill Omen

We are very fortunate to have had our paths cross with Erica Delmore in our birthing class. From the first time she helped me with my ongoing and very painful sciatica, there was an instant connection! Erica requested to be our doula and we knew immediately that this would be a perfect match for my husband and me. Erica came over to our house several times to discuss what kind of birth we were hoping to have and she educated us as to the different roles she would be able to fill in our labor and delivery. Throughout the last few weeks of the pregnancy, I was able to draw on her vast knowledge to help me with some of what I was experiencing. Throughout our labor and delivery, she was a calming presence with her constant reassurance, comfort and words of encouragement. It was so helpful to have her at my side. She worked tirelessly as my impartial advocate, when we were communicating with our doctor and nurses. She would interpret, in layman’s terms, what the doctors or nurses were telling us and different options available. She was able to offer help and advice, both physical and emotional, whenever it was needed, even if it was just holding my hand. And the care she gave me was very individualized based on my specific needs. I really liked how Erica followed up with me in the days and weeks after our daughter’s birth. She has always been available, even seven months later, if I have any questions about my baby or my body. She is still so supportive of me. What I love most about Erica is that she is always very positive, kind, sweet, and extremely knowledgeable. We went into our delivery more informed and both she and I were on the same page, realizing that the most important outcome was going to be healthy mom and healthy baby! I would have Erica present again at any of our future births and I would highly recommend her to anybody who desires a more natural labor and delivery and would like the caring presence of a skilled doula by her side.

Posted 5/27/2011


Kimberly Carter

Being that this was my first birth and I had nearly no clue what to do, Erica was a great help!!  She helped me before my labor and during the actual process as well. My entire family loved how she supported me and helped me though the pain-not just physical, but also the emotional pain. She was there with me in the hospital every day and explained every step that was being taken to me because the nurses were very vague with information. Once my son was born she congratulated me, giving me a sense of happiness rather than worry when it came to being a new mother. THANKS ERICA!! YOU WERE AWESOME!! =)

Posted 5/12/2011


Denise DeRossett

I am very happy I had Erica as my Doula!  This was my first child and as is natural I was worried of the unknown.  From the first meeting me and my husband felt at ease with her and confident that we could do this!  My plan was to stay at home for the first stages of labor and then go to the hospital, where I planned to have an epidural.  She was very supportive of my decisions and wishes.  Well, not everything goes as planned and my water broke before I even felt any contractions, so I went directly to the hospital and was admitted immediately.  Erica arrived shortly after and stayed with us after my baby was born, 11 hours later.  With her motherly care and support I was able to endure longer than I ever imagined.  The massages and relaxation techniques worked wonders! I had no medication until after about 7cm when it appeared that my baby was breached and there had been no progress for many hours. So I had to go under surgery.  I was crushed, but Erica whispered words of support and encouragement that I so needed at that moment.  I was happy my baby was healthy. I recommend Erica as Doula. She's knowledgeable, professional, and caring.

Posted 5/9/2011