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Erica Delmore, NCM, DEM, CLC

Training & Apprenticeship
Hi there, my name is Erica Delmore. Before I get into why and how I became a midwife, let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I was born in Port Chester, New York. I lived in Riverdale, NY (part of the Bronx) until I was 8, and my family moved to Westchester County, the village of Hartsdale. I graduated from The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry NY, and then went on to attend Bard College, where I received a degree in English Literature.
I moved to Las Vegas in the late summer of 2002 and worked in the construction industry. In 2009, I decided to become a Certified Labor Doula through DONA (Doulas Of North America), which then put me on the path to becoming a midwife
I completed my Midwifery Apprenticeship in February of 2015 after three years of intensive hands on training. During that time I not only learned  the art of midwifery itself, but equally as important, I learned about the importance of midwifery care being made available to all women.
Since I have been practicing on my own I have been honored to have assisted dozens of  families here in the valley welcome their babies at home, into a loving and safe environment.
I became a midwife because: I believe that women deserve to know what their options are. I want women to know that they can take back their autonomy and power, trust their bodies, and birth in a way that feels natural and best for them. 




2010: DONA Doula Training Workshop, Las Vegas, NV

2011: DONA Doula Certification

2012: Lactation Counselor Certification through The Healthy Chidren’s Project

2012: Advanced Doula/Monitrice Workshop, Well Rounded Momma, Las Vegas, NV

2012-2015: Midwifery Apprenticeship with Marvelys Lopez, CPM

2013-Present: CPR/BLS Certified

2014-Present: NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Process) Certified through 2022

2014: Charting for Midwives with Ida Darragh, North American Registry of Midwives

2014: Preceptor/Apprentice Relationships with Ida Darraugh, North American Registry of Midwives

2015: AromaTouch Certified through doTERRA

2016: Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2

2016: Cultural Competency & Respectful Maternity Care, Mercy in Action

2016: Suturing Workshop with Dr. Steven Harter

2016: Early Hearing Screening/Detection Certification, trained & authorized by the State of Nevada

2016: Birth Emergency Skills (B.E.S.T) Certified for the Out of Hospital Midwife

2017: Usui Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Certification

2017: IV Medication Workshop for Midwives

2022: National Certification for Midwifery


Daniely NBE.JPG
Services Provided

Homebirth Services of Southern Nevada offers full spectrum maternity & well woman care. Some of the services provided are:

  • Prenatal Care

  • Yearly PAPs

  • Lactation Counseling

We offer full maternity care for women who are seeking either a home or hospital birth. HBSSNV works with Desert Perinatal Associates, TrueHealth Accupuncture, and SonoCare, as well as other providers in the Valley. We are currently working with Clinical Pathologies Laboratories, LabCorp & Medical Diagnostics Laboratories for all labs and genetic testing

Please call for your complimentary consult today!

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