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Taylor Elise

McComb Campbell


Before I became a doula, I worked as an operations consultant for a staffing firm, after earning my degree at BYU in English literature with an emphasis in psychology and feminist critical theory. After my planned home birth transferred to the hospital and I had a cesarean, I felt I had experienced almost every kind of birth, all in one event. I decided to do work that more directly contributes to my main passion: supporting women empowerment. At the time my husband was going through medical school, and still works long hours in residency training. Our journey through the medical system made it clear to me that I wanted to work outside that system so that I would have the freedoms to support birthing people in ways that routine medical care cannot. 


A doula does anything your medical practitioner isn’t already doing for you. With such a wide scope, the services you might need may vary, which is why I consistently stay educated in various fields to bring you quality in a variety of supportive services. I have certifications in aromatherapy, traditional rebozo use, and pregnancy and infant loss. I believe every birthing person has everything they need inside them to adapt to the unpredictability of birth, and come out the other end transformed for the better, and that a doula can help you identify the tools you need to accomplish that transformation. 

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