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May McCoy


Hi, I’m May! Congratulations on your tiny creation. I believe that the labor and birthing process is such a vulnerable and empowering part of a mother's life. I am fortunate enough to be a part of and witness this beautiful event in this profession.  As a doula, I am here to assist mothers in being able to have a birth in which moms fell heard, empowered, and respected. I am also here to assist in the small things from providing comfort measures during the labor process, to being a liaison. Previous to this career I was a mental health social worker. Therefore, I am very comfortable and know the importance of collaboration among clinical staff and patient care. Being a part of a birth team is quite humbling and it is something  I respect and honor.

Se habla español, llamame para una consulta gratis.

To contact May for a free consultation:

Phone: 702.493.9790


Instagram: @maythedoula


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