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Jacinta Wood

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Phone: 702-415-9073

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Hi there! I am Jacinta Wood—a doula, massage therapist and all around nurturing spirit.

I started my healing journey in massage therapy, learning about muscles, their functions and the importance of stability within our bodies. Somewhere during that segment of my professional career, a client suggested that I become a doula. However, it wasn’t something I strongly considered until I had my own birthing experience.

During my own pregnancy I saw how much of a need there is for families to have access to a doula. My biggest regret during my pregnancy was that I felt that I was not supported in the way that I needed, nor adequately educated about the many choices I had to make for myself and my baby. And consequently, I followed the advice of other people who had more birth experience than I did and made decisions based on the fears of those around me instead of having confidence in myself to even try for the things I wanted. My entire pregnancy I felt like I was preparing my family for the baby rather than mindfully celebrating the birth of my first child. But, despite the sadness I feel recalling my pregnancy and birth story, I learned an incredible lesson in how to find and feel joy and inspiration during the birthing journey.

With the knowledge I’ve gained, my goal as a doula is to help birthing families be prepared for their newest addition, whether it’s the first or the tenth. Each birthing experience is unique, and my role is to help ensure a confident start and fond memories by encouraging and supporting growing families in making decisions that work best for them.

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